Cabinet Care

Cabinet Care:

Wood Finishes:

Do not use detergents, oily polishes, or glass cleaners. An occasional light waxing may be required. Avoid frequent cleaning with a waxy cleaner. Use a good furniture brand polish on your cabinetry, such as Endust or Guardsman. To clean a soiled area of your cabinetry, use a damp cloth and mild dish soap. After wiping, immediatey wipe again with a clean, damp cloth. Dry with a clean dry cloth.

Laminate Finishes:

Do not use abrasive pads or harsh cleaners to clean soiled areas. Use a damp cloth and water to clean surface of cabinetry, then wipe with a dry cloth. Use a countertop or tile cleaner to clean heavy grease stains or other difficult stains.

High Gloss Finishes:

Clean high gloss cabinetry with mild soap and a damp cloth. Do not use a wax cleaner whatsoever, to avoid discoloration.

Painted Cabinets:

Please be aware that wood expands and contracts. This natural process, occurring on painted cabinetry, will create open joints in the painted finish. An open joint line is not considered a defect and it is widely accepted in the kitchen cabinetry industry. The finish will still protect the surface, and the structural integrity of the joint will not be affected. These issues are shared by every manufacturer of painted all wood cabinets and are not unique to any particular company.